The tree removal experts at James Tree Service are here to help you keep your Sunbury, OH property safe. While it is better to try to prune your trees to keep them growing healthy and strong, sometimes you simply need to cut a tree down. If a tree becomes a hazard to your property and family, James Tree Service can remove the tree quickly and safely.

James Tree Service has been in business since 1992 and customers in Sunbury, OH have come to trust and rely on our professional arborists for all of their tree care needs.

Top Reasons for Tree Removal

  • Dead or Dying Tree:  Once a tree dies, it’s only a matter of time before it falls. It no longer provides the shade and beauty on your Sunbury property that it once did. A dead tree is an eyesore and a significant safety hazard.
  • Damaged Branches:  Storm damage can crack the limbs on a tree, creating another safety hazard which requires tree removal.
  • Growing the Wrong Direction:  Trees can grow too close to your Sunbury, OH home, next to power lines or over a significant property structure, such as a fence or garage. Contact James Tree Service for a consultation on whether it’s time to remove a tree from your property.
  • Nuisance Trees:  A tree that you have enjoyed for many years can become a nuisance if it drops seeds or sap on your lawn, your vehicles or your home. You may want to expand your lawn but some trees will prevent grass from growing around the base of the tree.

Sunbury Tree Removal Services

Arborists on Call 24/7 – James Tree Service can be reached at any time of the day or night for emergency tree removal services. We value the safety of our customers, so if a tree becomes a hazard unexpectedly for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Scheduled Removal – If you need a tree removed in a non-emergency situation, contact us to schedule an appointment. The specialists from James Tree Service are standing by to remove your unwanted trees.

Other Tree Services in Sunbury, OH – James Tree Service also proves tree trimming and pruning and stump removal in the village of Sunbury. Contact our tree cutting experts today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation on how we can meet your tree care needs.