James Tree Service is here to provide top quality tree removal services to help Sunbury, OH homeowners beautify their property. Our James Tree Service arborists have been helping Ohio residents with tree removal, tree pruning and tree trimming services since 1992. Our qualified arborists are ready to help you keep your trees safe and beautiful in the village of Sunbury, OH. Contact James Tree Services today for any assistance needed with your trees.

Sunbury, OH Tree Removal

Once a tree dies, it can become a danger to cars, homes, fences, power lines or people. If you need tree removal services in Sunbury, OH, James Tree Service can get the job done quickly and safely. We’ll take every precaution necessary to ensure that your property – and your neighbors – is not damaged during the tree removal process. Our goal at James Tree Service is always to keep your trees healthy, but once a tree dies, gets sick or grows to the point where it becomes an eyesore, removing the tree may be the best option. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation on your trees.

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Sunbury, OH Tree Pruning/Trimming

Tree pruning and trimming services can keep your trees safe, healthy and beautiful. Years of experience and research has shown that properly trimming and pruning trees reduces property damage in the event of windstorms. Our specially trained arborists will trim and prune your trees to keep them growing in the right direction. Tree limbs that grow improperly can reduce the health of a tree and create a safety hazard. Let James Tree Service bring your trees back to their full potential. Even young trees can benefit from tree pruning and trimming. The professionals at James Tree Service can prune and trim your trees to encourage long-lasting tree health and beauty.

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Sunbury, OH Tree Stump Grinding/Removal

James Tree Service has the heavy equipment needed for tree stump grinding and removal in Sunbury, OH. Tree stumps can be an eyesore, and they can also create a tripping hazard in your lawn. The professionals at James Tree Service are ready to help you grind and remove the tree stumps on your property.

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Sunbury, OH residents rely on the experts at James Tree Service for all of their tree removal, tree pruning and trimming, and stump removal needs. Contact us today for a free consultation on your trees.