Professional Tree Services in Delaware

Professional tree services in Delaware, Ohio by James Tree ServiceWith client satisfaction as our number one priority, James Tree Service delivers a quality full-line tree service. Our detail oriented staff of arborists has the experience and skill to service the needs of individual homeowners, commercial property managers or anyone responsible for property, no matter how large or small.

As a business with an A+ BBB rating and members of the Farm Bureau of Delaware County and Delaware Chamber of Commerce, we are here to provide Delaware, Ohio and the surrounding communities dependable, quality tree services.

Tree Removal

Dead or unwanted trees are a nuisance and an eyesore for property owners, but removing them is tedious and hazardous if done improperly. James Tree Service will quickly and safely remove any unwanted or dead trees on your property.

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Tree Pruning/Trimming

Proper trimming and pruning is essential to the promoting the health of you trees and shrubs. Improper pruning, however, leads to weakened branch structure, improperly healed cuts and the growth of “suckers” that divert growth from areas of the plant that need it most. Our skilled staff of professional arborists are here to ensure your trees and shrubs are properly trimmed to ensure their health and promote their natural beauty.

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Tree Stump Grinding/Removal

Tree stumps are a significant problem for property owners. They are a haven for termites and ants, they affect property value and aesthetics and they are a liability for tripping accidents. Our stump removal service will remove any stump and give your landscape a healthy, vibrant look.

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