Tree emergencies are serious matters. With most trees weighing well over 2,000 pounds and several dozen feet high, trees can quickly become wrecking balls that could put you, your home, and your family at risk. When you have a dead, drying, or damaged tree that needs to be removed immediately, you need 24/7 emergency tree removal from James Tree Service.

Ohio Emergency Tree Removal

At James Tree Service, we know how dangerous trees can be, and when you have a tree that needs to be removed quickly, we want to be there to help. We provide 24 hour emergency tree services throughout Central Ohio, including:

  • Delaware, Ohio
  • Powell, Ohio
  • Lewis Center, Ohio
  • Sunbury, Ohio

Our 24 hour tree care services are designed to ensure that your property and your family are safe from any falling trees, with a responsive team that is ready to take action as soon as you need it.

When to Call an Emergency Tree Removal Provider

Our emergency services are a great choice when your tree has received any new damage, or if it has moved in any way. We know how quickly problems can occur with trees, especially as a result of environmental damage. There are times you may not even realize your tree has experienced any damage or decay until you start to hear it creak or you see it change position.

Trees are massive objects, and if you’re concerned about any type of tree there is no reason to wait and risk the damage that they can do. Call James Tree Service today at (740) 369-2012, and get your tree removed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, directly to your property. Call now.